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Filter by Amenities

Best Hair Dressers In The East

Cuthy's Hair Salon is the talk of the town as of recently.

Cuthy’s Hair Salon is dedicated to customer service and technical excellence; offering an array of hair services using products chosen for their high quality and superior performance. Cuthy consistently brings you the freshest styles and ideas, by keeping up with the current trends.

Cuthy's Hair Salon

Located on the Eastern Main Road, Caura.

Bowman's Electrical and General Construction

Call anytime and get the service you deserve.

Top Electricians In Trinidad & Tobago

Bowman's Electrical and General Construction is in the #1 spot at the moment.

Bowman’s Electrical and General Construction serves all electrical needs from 12 volts to 12 million volts. Our Company is passionate and committed to be the leading electrical company in Trinidad and Tobago. This is achived through our excellent quality of work, outstanding customer service, and constant progression and innovation in handling tomorrow’s new technologies with yesterday’s knowledge and experience.We are truly a cut above the rest!

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