Learn How To Add Your Business +

Adding your business to D Linkk is super easy and fast. Below is a Three (3) Step explanation of how to add your listing to the map and get started with our platform. It’s really simple & after following these steps, you will have a beautiful listing profile to advertise to the world.

Sign Up 1

Click the login button to the top right side of the home page & type in:

  •  Your Name
  • Email Address
  • A Secure Password

After doing so, you will be taken back to the home screen. Click the “Add Business +” button and login to your profile.

Customise Your Profile 2

You can do some customisation to your profile dashboard to assist the Administration in information of your business. Changes can be made such as:

  • Uploading a profile image
  • Changing first & last name
  • Changing your email address
  • Uploading your website url
  • Adding a description of what you are about
  • Changing your password

This basic information will be very helpful for our administrative staff to contact you & manage your account.

Add Your Business On The Map 3

On your profile dashboard, or on the home page, click the add business button & fill out the form. Some fields are required to fill out. Here is an in-depth explanation of the fields in the form.

  • Business/ Service Name (Required Field)- Type in the name of your business/service.
  • Short Description- This is more or less a tagline. If you have one type it in.
  • Location– If you work out of a location type in the address. It’s much easier if you copy your location from google maps.
  • Region– Choose or type in the region your business is in. This is important so people can find your business when searching in a particular region.
  • Business/Service Type– Choose the type of business/service you provide. (e.g) plumber, restaurant & bar, Mini Mart. e.t.c.
  • Business Service Category– Choose the category of your service/business. This is what you provide falls under. e.g A plumber falls under the category “Trade”.
  • Tags– Type in numerous tags that corresponds with your business/service to help people find you. Make sure they are seperated just by a comma, no spaces. (e.g) If you are a Clothing Retailer, your tags can be:-clothes,shirts,pants,nice,design,designer. e.t.c. The more precise your tags are, the easier people find you.
  • Description (Required Field)- This is the body of your business listing. Type a full description of your business/service with multiple tools to explain in-depth what you are about.
  • Opening Hours– Type in the opening/closing hours of your business/service. e.g Mon-Fri/8am-4pm  No Weekends
  • Gallery– Upload photos of your business/service & attract clients.
  • Phone– Enter your phone number.
  • Email– Enter the email address you want clients to contact you by.
  • Feature Image– Upload an image that will be the face of your listing. This photo will be shown before someone enters your listing profile.
  • Facebook– Enter your Facebook profile URL.
  • Twitter– Enter your Twitter profile URL.
  • Instagram– Enter your Instagram profile URL.
  • Pinterest– Enter your Pinterest profile URL.
  • Sound Cloud– Enter your Sound Cloud profile URL.
  • Vimeo– Enter your Vimeo profile URL.
  • Youtube– Enter your Youtube channel URL.
  • Skype– Enter your Skype Contact.

Only the Business/Service Name & the Description fields are required*. Everything else is optional.

Pretty easy ent? I told you so. We make it very easy for our subscribers here at D Linkk. Click the button below & add your business/service right away!

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