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Mc Collins Pure Water Genius

Providing cleanliness to your everyday life!
Mc Collins Pure Water Genius aims to be a premier company in the Water Purification industry. Our main objective is to provide clean drinking water for our existing and potential clients via Reverse Osmosis Technology. What is Reverse Osmosis? It is a filtration method that is capable of removing over 90% of total dissolved solids, 99% of all organics and 99% of all bacteria. We ensure that our customers are well catered for by saving them the additional expenses spent on bottled water. We Offer:
  • Under Counter Units
  • Bottleless Water Coolers
  • Wizard Electronic Water Conditioners
  • Water Filtration 2 Stage Systems
  • Replacement Filters,Sediment Trapper Filters, Alkaline Filters
  • Water Tank Cleaning and Sanitation Services
  • Plumbing Services
  • Clearing Chokes and Cleaning Services


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Mc Collins Pure Water Genius

Maloney Gardens, Trinidad and Tobago

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