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Trinidad’s Corn Soup is the best!

In today’s post I have something of a treat; Trini style Corn Soup. Corn soup is real liming food in Trinidad; be it at a football game, Carnival, Panorama, a fete (all inclusive) or just a Friday evening lime with your friends, corn soup is a crowd favourite. I remember after work sometimes I would look for a corn soup man to buy a cup of piping hot corn soup and slowly sip on my way home. But this soup is not only considered street food, it is also a main dish like all the other soups we make.

Now some of you might be saying “soup a main dish?”; our soups are usually thick with lots of ingredients like ground provision and dumplings and because of this, it is considered a whole meal so as we say in trini ” if yuh eat too much, yuh belly go buss”. Corn soup is no different; it has lots of ingredients, a lot of taste and filling as well. Of course everyone have their own twist and preferences in making this dish also, some people add coconut milk, cream style corn, pig tail (like me), or other meats…some even do a hybrid cow heel corn soup that tastes just as well.

article taken from…. simplytrinicooking.com

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